Clean and Serene Surf Retreat is a fun way to meet recovering and recovered participants of all 12 step programs in San Diego. We are a supportive group of healthy surfers, campers, hikers, genuine family and friends.

Hi there! I’m a recovered individual that loves hanging out with friends at the beach in a healthy and stimulant free environment!

Southern-California-Volleyball-Tamarack-Carlsbad-Beach-San-DiegoThe Surf Retreat was founded in 1987, and has been providing a place where newcomers could afford to come and have a healthy supportive environment. Located San Diego, California, the retreat encompases over 300 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the community.


Join us for a day or the weekend, whether you surf or not. All 12 Step Programs Welcome! Newcomers are welcome to share camp spots.

Questions? Contact:  cleanandserenelist@hotmail.com

Join our Email List and be reminded to make reservations. Reservations are critical!  Send an Email to cleanandserenelist@hotmail.com with a subject line “Add me to the list”. Looking forward to seeing you all in May 2013!


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  1. Thomas "Mike" Prendeville

    I am a clean and sober surfer with 13 yrs sobriety. My wife, who is sober and I would like to purchase a campsite, if anyone has an availability, for all 3 days. I am friends with George Wahl. It would be an honor and a pleasure to share time and recovery with my fellow surfers.

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May 2014 Retreat

Congratulations to everyone that got sites for the May 2014 Surf Retreat!! There were 3 sites left for the weekend when I checked this evening. Meetings will be in site #93. If anyone got an extra site and wants to sell it, leave a post here. If you need a site leave a post here. …

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Clean And Serene Surf Retreat has a New Website

The retreat has been an incredible learning experience for so many. We walk through all 12 steps over the weekend. Pretty awesome! We get to hear so much wisdom and interpretation of the steps from people with one day to 45 years of sobriety or abstinent from their 12 step group. Some of the speakers …

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